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Ohio WARN is a statewide Water/Wastewater Agency Response Network (WARN) of “utilities helping utilities.
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"Utilities helping utilities"
One mutual aid agreement connects you to many utilities
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How to Prepare Your Utility for Disasters:
A Webinar for Very Small Drinking Water Systems that Serve Under 3,301 People December 12, 2023
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Ohio WARN is the Water /Wastewater Agency Response Network. We are "Utilities helping Utilities"
Organize Response by Emergency Needs
Ohio WARN is a statewide Water/Wastewater Agency Response Network (WARN) of “utilities helping utilities".
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Available resources

Operation Plans, Appendices and Training are available to help your utility in an emergency.

What is a member?

A community of NIMS compliant Ohio water and wastewater utilities able to provide mutual aid or assistance in an emergency.

Member Directory

We can help you to find member utilities near you. In an emergency, we're your best resource.

Ohio WARN provides water and wastewater utilities and resources

  • A Mutual Aid Agreement (click here) and process for sharing emergency resources among water and wastewater agencies statewide.
  • A mutual assistance program consistent with other statewide mutual aid and assistance programs and the National Incident Management System.
  • The resources to respond and recover more quickly from a natural or human caused disaster.
  • A forum for developing and maintaining emergency contacts and relationships.

Why is Ohio WARN a necessity for your community & family?

Water and wastewater systems provide our communities with a life-sustaining resource that is of vital importance to maintaining public health, sanitation and safety. When water and wastewater services are interrupted for extended periods of time, a community’s well-being quickly deteriorates, as evidenced by Hurricane Katrina. And without an adequate water supply, our communities are vulnerable to devastating fires. By restoring water and wastewater service in the most efficient manner possible, Ohio WARN provides renewed hope for fast recovery from such disasters. Ohio WARN is also available to use in non-disaster emergencies or when you may be in need of help or assistance.